Peter's story captivates all ages

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and sit on the edge of your seat as you relive with Peter his escape from communist Czechoslovakia. People that hear Peter speak have said, "We were petrified that you were not going to make it, even though we know you did."

But this is not mere entertainment. This is real, with incredible significance for Americans today. Hear him speak and hear firsthand why freedom matters.

Powerful and engaging speaker ... without equal

"Peter Vodenka is a powerful and engaging speaker on a variety of subjects, but without equal when he speaks of the fascinating escape from communist Czechoslovakia he engineered for his family."

Ray Cowdery
author of Reinhard Heydrich Assassination

"It's a story of courage, determination, and a willingness to risk everything for freedom. Inspiring and compelling."

Al Horner, author of Not Me and Get a Grip
"Powerful presentation!... He captivates the audience with the challenges his family has overcome to live the American dream."

Darrell Schrader
President of The 1902 Cowboys (Last Roundup Club)
"He is a phenomenal speaker and business owner ... fantastic book about his defection ..."

Brad Bainey, President of The Bainey Group, Inc

Journey for Freedom, the book! From longing for freedom to calling the American flag his flag

In June of 1983, Peter Vodenka, his wife, four-year-old daughter, and two-year-old son defected from behind the iron curtain of communist Czechoslovakia. In the middle of a cold, rainy night they ran for their lives ... while being chased by guards with automatic weapons....