Why Peter Vodenka for your patriotic motivational speaker?

He can move an audience through every emotion possible in a matter of seconds!

He presents his real life experiences with enthusiasm and passion that will bring an audience to the edge of their seats as he describes his “American dream.”

A story of hope, faith, struggle, life and death, freedom,
and success.

Get a taste of the harrowing tale through this interview with SPNN.

Peter relates his coming to America with the reasons our ancestors came—for freedom and better opportunities.

Be right there in the action

… be right there in the action to experience what he and his family did. You will find yourself talking to the family, cheering them on, and wanting to get rid of the evildoers. You think you have problems? Think again!

Carol H

A Wake Up Call for America

Imagine life without the right to travel, freedom of speech or choosing your occupation. Peter lived that life for many years before escaping communism to find a new home in America.

His passion is to teach Americans to respect their freedoms and stop taking them for granted….

to be proud to be American,
where the sky is still the limit.

Like this appearance at the Constitution Rally, he shows how the US Constitution makes America the greatest nation on earth, not through book reading or study but through what he has lived.

Motivational experience

What a patriotic and motivational experience! A great way to end our conference! Thank you for reminding me how great it is to be an American!

Nancy V
Hear the incredible story—
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