Questions About Peter or His Presentation

Check out the most common questions we get about Peter’s presentation or scheduling him as your event speaker. Please contact us if you have other questions and we will be happy to answer them.

The Why

Q: Why should I hire Peter as the speaker for my organization?

A: Peter’s presentation is very unique. He relives his own personal story—one of courage, strength, dedication, perseverance, struggle, survival, faith and success. You will feel rejuvenated and able to overcome any obstacle. You will have a renewed love for America and the opportunities it provides us. Read more…

Q: What makes Peter different than other motivational speakers?

A: Peter has the uncanny ability to draw his audience directly into his presentation. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as he describes living under Communist rule, the harrowing escape, and after the defection, struggling for a new life in America. A life of freedom. Read more…

Q: Is Peter as powerful a speaker as I heard he is?

A: Peter’s audiences are immersed in his story and gripped by every word he speaks. Peter awakens the inner child within them. Eyes widen and hearts open as Peter leads everyone on a journey to a distant place and time. They’re overwhelmed with emotion, moved and inspired by this journey for freedom—after all, it’s their desire too. Read more…

Q: What type of organizations does Peter speak to?

A: Peter speaks to many diverse groups and in many forums–from business management, conferences, continuing education seminars and conferences to churches, the military, schools, and many others. Peter entertains and motivates all ages, from the very young to the distinguished.

Q: How far is Peter willing to travel to speak?

A: Peter travels nationwide.

The How

Q: How do I find out if Peter is available for my event?

A: Check his schedule here or contact Peter’s assistant to get Peter on your calendar.

Q: Will you provide a biography and presentation introduction?

A: Let us know you would like Peter’s biography and we will get it to you in plenty of time for your presentation.

Captivates the audience

Powerful presentation! Peter motivates the audience with his ability to express his lifelong commitment and desires to succeed! He captivates the audience with the challenges his family has overcome to live the American dream. Looking forward to reading his book.

Darrell S, President of The 1902 Cowboys
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